Why Ecuador?

Reason 1:

Your meeting in the «Center of the World»

Ecuador is a unique destination; it has exuberant landscapes and a privileged geographical position that allows it to be considered as the country of the middle of the world, its natural, cultural, patrimonial, and modern scenarios, together with its warm people, make it a tourist country, of unimaginable beauty, capable of inspiring the most authentic experiences in travelers who are looking for everything in one place!

Reason 2:

It connects you to its «four worlds»

Ecuador is a destination that has everything, and it’s all within easy reach. Its «four worlds», the Galapagos, the coast, the Andes and Amazonia, are incredibly diverse and possess a unique multiculturalism just waiting to be discovered.

In just a single day you can experience it all.

Reason 3:

Stories, cultures and flavors

One of the most fun parts of a trip to Ecuador is the possibility to explore and taste the local gastronomy, in Ecuador, depending on the region you visit, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious traditional dishes, on the Coast and the Galapagos Islands being based on fish and seafood.

You can enjoy a delicious ceviche and other gastronomic delights with seafood that have a special ingredient: coconut and banana, in the Andes dishes contain varieties of potatoes, beans, cereals that are served in soups or more elaborate dishes, in the Amazon region also its cuisine is based on river fish with bananas, cassava, and other ingredients typical of the jungle.

Reason 4:

Green Destination

Ecuador has made conserving the environment and the sustainable development of tourism and business activities a priority. Its policies are focused on measures that ensure that its unique ecosystems, culture, and populations are well cared for.

Ecuador is the second country in Latin America with the largest territory dedicated to the protection of its ecosystems. The Galapagos Islands are the main tourist reference of nature in Ecuador, the Enchanted Islands are a Natural World Heritage Site. It is also important to emphasize that we are considered the «country of orchids» with more than 4,200 known species and 1,300 endemic species spread throughout the country.

Reason 5:

Four worlds of adventure

We are an ideal destination for travelers seeking adventure: from bird watching to snorkeling and scuba diving, from hiking in the Amazon rainforest to walking through beautiful valleys and mountains in the Andes, from water sports such as rafting, canyoning in rivers and waterfalls, cable car and even the adrenaline-filled experience of the swing at the end of the world.

Our adventures vary in their level, tailoring activities that the whole family can easily enjoy. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to safely and easily enjoy outdoor activities, regardless of skill level or ability, so we invite you to explore this destination that offers you all these wonders.